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Strongly driven, dedicated, and competent professional with 27+ years of clinical nursing experience in collaborative healthcare settings, driving strategic direction and innovative leadership to promote the continuous improvement of quality nursing care and business value.

  • Leverages vast clinical experience as a Registered Nurse and Clinical Services Director who enhances patient care quality and delivery.
  • Exemplifies innovative leadership and administrative experience in organizing nursing workflows and promoting clinical development.
  • Leads a strategic acumen to deliver outstanding patient care through data-driven analytics, team collaboration, and accountable leadership.
  • Upholds quality standards in patient care management to utilize best evidence-based practices and operational strategies in clinical settings.
  • A dependable subject matter expert who develops dynamic clinical and administrative programs and procedures for facility improvement.
  • Highly organized and versatile collaborator who promptly assesses, recognizes, and responds to various patient and organizational needs.
  • Collaborative and adaptable in implementing operational plans and achieving overall facility goals across healthcare industries.
  • Committed and enthusiastic individual who aims to build a positive work culture on solid work ethic, professionalism, and integrity.
  • Covid 19 Triage Nurse with over 2,000 clinical assessments.

Director of Clinical Services. Oversaw the management of clinical services, interdisciplinary teams, and stakeholders while ensuring compliance with nursing quality standards. Provided holistic leadership and guidance to effectively lead and manage the training, development, and management of nursing staff. o Played an integral role in ensuring the delivery of quality patient care while maintaining a productive and supportive work environment.  Led and evaluated various programs and services in coordination with top management, interdisciplinary teams, and various stakeholders.  Established evidence-based healthcare practices and nursing standards to promote and maintain the improvement of patient services.  Analyzed both patient and staff data to measure and effectively monitor patient care effectiveness and recognize areas for improvement.  Facilitated day-to-day coordination with the COO and medical director to report operational needs and updates in a timely manner.

Director of Case Management. Spearheaded the development and implementation of quality care standards to ensure patient satisfaction and positive healthcare outcomes.  Maintained quality care standards in creating and evaluating case management programs and activities to provide excellent health services.  Effectively monitored both patient and payer satisfaction levels to identify strategies that improve the cost and quality of services.  Analyzed case management services to determine the appropriateness and improvement of the care for each patient population in need.  Organized and regulated interdisciplinary team meetings to ensure case management systems, utilization review practices, and discharge planning processes are managed and performed in a timely, efficient, and appropriate manner.  Assessed and prioritized the needs of various patient populations to conduct direct case management interventions as required.  Introduced initiatives for clinical documentation improvement and led suitable CMG assignments to contribute to hospital development.

Clinical Nurse Manager in Dialysis.  Administered clinical practices to support interdisciplinary workflows, direct care, and improve outcomes in the chronic hemodialysis setting.  Guaranteed elevated levels of care for patients with an intense sense of accountability and responsibility for ESRD patient care and health services.  Conducted trend analysis on laboratory values while monitoring patient outcomes to determine appropriate care plans and interventions.  Directed the planning, implementation, and evaluation of patient care plans that aim to improve clinical outcomes and quality of life. Functioned as a resource who oversaw the compliance and consistency of the program to guide clinical staff in case reviews and planning.

Utilization Review Nurse.  Integrated standard concepts throughout patient assessment and case management to offer comprehensive inpatient and outpatient services.  Facilitated day-to-day inpatient case management and managed outpatient services for continuing care members at medical facilities. o Assessed and analyzed clinical information to determine the proper level of care and forecast discharge needs effectively.  Ensured the efficient oversight of health services, including DME, Home Health Nursing Services, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy.

Surgical Staff Nurse.  A perioperative nurse provides direct and individual nursing care to patients based on the application of scientific nursing principles.  In addition, generalizing nursing care the responsibilities include, consults and coordinates with health care team members to assess, plan implement and evaluate patient care plans.  Circulating nurses assist in positioning, responding comfort and safety of the patient. Provides accurate care and handling of specimens. Observes and enforces strict standards of asepsis technique. Observes, checks, and monitors all equipment used during surgery to confirm they are running smoothly.  Patient documentation during the surgical procedure. Inventories all items both pre- and post-surgery. Scrub Nurse, with the additional responsibilities include selecting and handling instruments and supplies used for the operation. Passing them to the surgeon. Inventories all items both pre-and post-surgery. 


Associate of Nursing.  Victory Valley College, Victorville California.

Professional Certifications.

Certified Legal Nurse Consultant – CLNC Certification Program, LegalNurse.com.

Register professional nurse, clinical nurse specialist – California and Georgia State Board of Nursing.

Basic Life Support – American Heart Institute.

Advance Cardiac Life Support- America Heart Institute. 

Cheree White RN, CLNC, NACLNC