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Whenever you prosecute a medical malpractice case, you must be aware of every medical and nursing issue that could sway the outcome in your client’s favor. Quality Legal Nurse Consulting Services brings you the accurate, up to date healthcare knowledge you need to evaluate your case successfully.

My 27 years’ experience in acute care and outpatient surgical services, dialysis, and case management both clinically and administratively, I will make your workload more manageable, allowing you more time to focus on the legal aspects of each case.

To help you develop your cases quickly and cost-effectively, I can:

  • Screen cases to keep you from wasting time and resources on non-meritorious cases.

  • Review and analyze medical records for deviations from the medical and nursing standards of care that are crucial to each plaintiff’s case.

  • Assess injuries and identify contributing factors that could affect the settlement value.

  • Assess pre-existing conditions what will impact causation issues.

  • Develop in depth medical and nursing literature searches that provide the scientific foundation for developing a persuasive case.

  • Summarize medical records and prepare a brief report to bolster our position.

  • Develop reports and chronologies to highlight significant medical events and how they fit into the overall case analysis.

  • Locate testifying experts who can support your case with authoritative testimony.

The enclosed brochure discusses my services in more detail.

If you have any questions or need my services immediately, feel free to call me at 760-963-3068. I look forward to assisting you in preparing your next medical-related case.